Microsoft Azure


Migration, Development, Integration & Support

Microsoft Azure is a cloud-based software program, offering wide-ranging solutions for businesses including virtual computing, mobile application development platforms, storage, network hosting, and analytics tools. This platform, which can integrate with Microsoft SharePoint and certain SAP products, is commonly used to leverage cloud technology and increase accessibility.

Aeonnova has been on the forefront of Microsoft Azure consulting and development, as our Hybrid Cloud Advisory services provide for the full spectrum of your Microsoft Azure needs from initial review and planning to deployment to meet a wide range of business and technical requirements.

Whether your requirements needs are to utilize Azure services for virtual machines, SQL databases, Active Directory, Hadoop or even Azure’s new media streaming services, Aeonnova's industry leading expertise will be able to meet your specific needs with your organization’s required service level agreements (SLAs) in mind.

LET AEONNOVA Turn your ideas into solutions faster, using a trusted cloud SOLUTION OR PLATFORM, SPECIFICALLY designed for you. Microsoft Azure. Cloud for all.

Getting Started

If you are new to Microsoft Azure you may not be fully aware of the services and products available, which extend beyond the Microsoft product set to include Linux servers, Oracle databases, Ruby and WordPress web platforms, to name just a few.

The platform should be familiar to IT professionals but will be new to many and will require some assistance and professional help.

If you have some understanding of Azure and are ready to get started implementing it, let us know.

Our consulting teams are helping Enterprises achieve their new focus areas by defining their technology road-map & implementation strategy.

Contact Us and let us be your Azure Cloud Partner of choice.