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Running on Borrowed Time?

Software products are constantly being updated to provide extended functionality and maintain the highest level of security. And once a version is no longer being supported, neglecting to upgrade leaves you vulnerable. Your Exchange Server is not immune to this situation

If you’re operating a Microsoft Exchange server, it’s time to contemplate your upgrade. The following Exchange versions have reached “End of Life” support:

  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2010

  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2007

  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2003

  • Microsoft Exchange Server 5.0

  • Microsoft Exchange Server 4.0

That means these versions are no longer being upgraded or supported, there is no option to purchase additional support and security patches and hot-fixes are no longer being developed. By retaining these End of Life versions, you’re opening yourself up to significant and potentially damaging business risks.

When you engage with Expert Microsoft Exchange Server Consultants from Aeonnova, you get a pool of highly-skilled and dependable Exchange Server Professionals who have extensive experience upgrading, managing, trouble-shooting and supporting Exchange Server installations.

Upgrade to Exchange 2016 or Office 365

With an upgrade service from Aeonnova , you get access to qualified technical experts who can perform fast, effective upgrade projects that don’t result in excessive downtime and lost data, while at the same time experiencing the benefits of the latest Exchange server such as:

  • 1. Improved overall business collaboration

  • 2. Lower total cost of ownership over previous Exchange versions

  • 3. Cumulative, quarterly updates

  • 4. A Cloud-first Platform

  • 5. Extended mobile capabilities

  • 6. Better search functionality

  • 7. Improved hybrid configurations

  • 8. And more...

Your business deserves to benefit from the newest technology, and you’re entitled to success.

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