Innovate and create while technology does the rest

Aeonnova provides premier IT software (AutoCAD, SketchUp, Vault and ArcGIS) and hardware solutions for Architectural and Engineering organizations.

Our consultants, with over 10+ years experience, have deployed and continue maintaining these systems for leading companies across North America.


Our engineers keep your network healthy because your business depends on its ability to support all critical functions of your operations. With a solid network infrastructure, you can maximize the functions of your production and design work, project management, accounting, communications, proposals, and other applications that help your business and team succeed.

Some of our clients include residential architects, commercial architects, interior designers, landscape architects, urban designers, industrial architects, and more.


Aeonnova Consulting Group partners with a variety of engineering firms throughout Houston, Dallas and Austin to ensure that their networks stay up so that your business runs smoothly. With all the intricacies with your business, a healthy network means your team can streamline processes and operations, secure critical drawings and data, and ultimately meet client and project deadlines.

Top-performance IT solutions custom-made for your industry

Engineers and architects find solutions and build new things, and your technology should support you.

Your work demands a top-tier network infrastructure, support for high performance systems, software aligned with your business need, reliable backups, and extensive amounts of storage. You need collaboration tools that enable engineers and architects to work with one another and business software that enables better project management.

And that is where we come in.

We bring years of expertise in recommending custom solutions, whether on-prem, hybrid or full cloud.

Aeonnova takes pride in helping Architectural and Engineering firms become more secure, more productive and deliver better client services.

Support built around your needs

Our proven experience and results-driven approach helps us provide you with effective solutions your team can implement moving forward and our consulting solutions give you the benefit of world-class consulting and specialized staffing services under one roof.

Never again let IT solutions slow down your firm.

Empower your organization to work faster, smarter and more efficiently.

Leverage our IT expertise so you can get more done faster for your clients and your practice.