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We are Aeonnova. A global Microsoft Solutions Integrator that assists its clients in leveraging technology for business success. We offer the right combination of ingenuity, dedication, and professionalism to help drive real business results. We are highly accredited and motivated by our clients’ success. Aeonnova, with its headquarters in Texas, is proud to hold multiple competencies in CRM, ERP, Cloud, Data analytics, AI, and Reporting solutions.


Create healthcare experiences across the entire patient journey.
Securely connect people, data, and processes to build unified patient profiles, enable care coordination, and make data-driven decisions across your organization

Exceptional Healthcare with Dynamics 365

Healthcare issues require solutions that connect patients to doctors and healthcare workers while providing insights that can save lives. Healthcare officials use data to treat patients and mitigate pervasive diseases while serving the widest range of patients possible.
Reducing costs while maintaining the highest quality of healthcare is the number one operative for the healthcare industry. In order to achieve these goals, clinics, long and short-term facilities, hospitals, and nursing facilities all need to strive to streamline processes, increase productivity, improve decision making, and eliminate inefficiency. Technology Management Concepts can offer your company the best solution for your HealthCare ERP/CRM through Microsoft Business Solutions.
IT total cost of ownership (TCO), allowing you to focus on serving your clients and profitably growing your business.

Support Built Around Your Organizations Needs

Our proven experience and results-driven approach helps us provide you with effective solutions your team can implement moving forward, and our consulting solutions give you the benefit of world-class consulting and specialized staffing services under one roof.

Empower your organization to work faster, smarter, and more efficiently. Leverage our IT expertise so you can get more done faster for your clients and your practice.

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