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We are Aeonnova. A global Microsoft Solutions Integrator that assists its clients in leveraging technology for business success. We offer the right combination of ingenuity, dedication, and professionalism to help drive real business results. We are highly accredited and motivated by our clients’ success. Aeonnova, with its headquarters in Texas, is proud to hold multiple competencies in CRM, ERP, Cloud, Data analytics, AI, and Reporting solutions.


Unlock your data. Do more for less. Learn how Aeonnova can help you unlock the value of enterprise data and create an insight-driven organization that provides a competitive edge.

What is Data Analytics

Data is the fuel for the modern enterprise, and as the amount of data being collected grows, companies are investing more in data integration so they can give their customers and employees rich digital experiences and business insights.

No matter what technology investments you make, Aeonnova will help you make a plan and build your ideal data estate. Our end-to-end data consulting services help you make sure that your data strategy is aligned with a forward-looking architecture that takes governance and self-managed management into account. We put data into key workflows and add AI and automation at specific points where they have the most impact.

We put processing and data storage closer to where it is needed, which improves the experience, overall agility, and business performance. Our data analytics, AI, and industry experts work together with a wide range of partners to simplify the complicated and solve your data problems at scale and in a secure way.

Understanding Data Analytics

Data analytics is a broad term that covers a lot of different ways to look at data. Data analytics techniques can be used on any kind of information to learn things that can be used to make things better. Using data analytics, you can find patterns and numbers that would be lost in the mass of information. This information can then be used to improve the efficiency of a business or system as a whole by optimizing its processes.

For example, companies that make things often keep track of how long different machines run, how long they are down, and how long the work queue is. They then look at the data to figure out how to better plan the workloads so that the machines work closer to their peak capacity.

Understanding Data analytics can help do a lot more than just show where production is getting stuck. Companies that make games use data analytics to come up with reward schedules for players that keep most of them playing. Many of the same data analytics are used by content companies to keep you clicking, watching, or rearranging content so they can get another view or click.

Data analytics is important because it helps businesses improve how well they do what they do. By putting it into the business model, companies can save money by finding better ways to run their businesses and by storing a lot of data. A company can also use data analytics to make better business decisions and to study customer trends and satisfaction, which can lead to new and better products and services.

Delivering Technology That Advances Your Vision

At Aeonnova, one of our primary goals is to recruit and retain the most talented professionals in the fields of Data Analytics Consultancy and Business Intelligence.

We are a data consulting company that provides services in all three of these categories:

  • Strategy,

  • Execution and

  • Enablement (SEE).

We are large enough to manage any project thanks to our extensive experience in the fields of healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, and logistics, yet we are still small enough to provide personalized services to each of our clients.

Dashboard & Visualizations

Our team is dedicated to providing accessible and intelligible data presentation best practices. Dashboards, data marts, and self-service analytics are included.

Data Strategy

Your data strategy should take into account technology, process, people, organization, and adoption. All of these things can help you make better decisions based on your data in the end.

Data Management

Aeonnova has the ability to advise your company on the most effective methods of Master Data Management (MDM), data governance, and the development of a data-literate workforce.

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Data & App Integration

We have a track record of helping businesses close technology gaps and build solutions that are focused on achieving business goals. This includes everything from customer portals to intranets to system integrations.

Data Warehouse

No matter how big or small your business is, our data engineers can help you choose and implement the best solutions for data warehouse migrations, modernization, and automation, no matter how big or small your business is.

Advanced Analytics

Our consultants have the knowledge and experience to assist you with any needs you may have with machine learning, predictive analytics, consumer segmentation, failure prediction, and resource efficiency.

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