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We are Aeonnova. A global Microsoft Solutions Integrator that assists its clients in leveraging technology for business success. We offer the right combination of ingenuity, dedication, and professionalism to help drive real business results. We are highly accredited and motivated by our clients’ success. Aeonnova, with its headquarters in Texas, is proud to hold multiple competencies in CRM, ERP, Cloud, Data analytics, AI, and Reporting solutions.


DevOps is a methodology that aims to synchronize development and operations teams in order to expedite the delivery of high-quality software. Since 2013, Aeonnova has provided comprehensive DevOps consulting services to assist you boost the frequency and dependability of software releases.

What is DevOps?

DevOps is a concerted effort that increases collaboration, communication, and integration between IT operations and software development teams. Software development cannot work in isolated silos if DevOps is to be a successful component of your IT organization. Instead, application development and releases are segmented into stages, delivering high levels of stability, integrity, and availability.
Improved customer satisfaction rates propel top-performing companies to adopt DevOps, and we want you to be next. Here’s what you can expect from our DevOps engineering experts:

DevOps Strategy & Consulting Services

DevOps has more to do with organizational culture than with technological implementation. As such, it necessitates a comprehensive reorganization of your company’s organizational practices. Testing and deployment of incomplete code are supplanted by techniques that are more resilient. Teams that adopt a DevOps methodology contribute to the institutionalization of new practices and leadership objectives.
Aeonnova assists businesses in implementing DevOps thinking from the start. Our solution-based, step-by-step methodology guarantees that the entire team migrates smoothly to the new dev + operations culture, with enhanced cooperation and accelerated deploy cycles. This results in an enterprise that is quick, secure, and flexible. It is a tried-and-true method that always yields results for the businesses with which we collaborate.

Benefits of using DevOps

DevOps capitalizes on collaboration, monitoring, toolchain pipelines, automation, and Cloud adoption. With our DevOps-as-a-service offering, we assure speedy application onboarding by automating the end-to-end delivery pipeline, and we support continuous integration and development across leading cloud platforms.
We automate the end-to-end delivery pipeline across cloud platforms to accelerate time to market, boost efficiency, and decrease costs. Our DevOps solutions enable enterprises to produce high-quality software-based goods and services in a timely and dependable manner. With Aeonnova’s comprehensive DevOps services, you may attain your company objectives by developing applications at the speed of business.

Is it time for your organization to turn to DevOps Consulting?

DevOps consulting may be the answer if you feel concerned about:

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