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Cloud For Legal

Most in-house law departments are busier than ever before, with many taking on increased workloads, while at the same time facing pressure to control costs.
Leading organizations are now implementing and deploying modern business processes and solutions that enable legal professionals to work more strategically and securely, add more value to the organization and improve experiences for all stakeholders.

There are four phases for adopting Microsoft Cloud services for legal, that carefully considers security, risk, and data privacy considerations that drive organizational change for Law firms.

Enable better communication

Phase One demonstrates a method for enabling Teams while disabling SharePoint and OneDrive. We wish to promote collaboration while limiting attorney disturbance. As a result, you will continue to rely on on-premise Exchange and Outlook for email with plugins as the primary communication channel. You will also continue to utilize existing DMS systems for the development and administration of Client Matter Data.

The enablement phase enables Firms to utilize Microsoft Teams for instant messaging, chat, and channel conversations with retention policies comparable to those of the Firms’ existing messaging products. With voice over internet protocol, you can enjoy a new method of joining meetings across devices, determine someone’s presence/availability, and even have peer-to-peer or group calling (VOIP). You will be able to extend communication easily utilizing a Teams mobile app that operates identically on iOS and Android. Teams is an incredible hands-free driving experience. No more dial-in passcodes! As SharePoint and OneDrive have been deactivated throughout this phase, Law Firms can now decide where client data resides within the legally agreed upon system.

The second phase, titled “Empowerment,” combines communication and collaboration internally at Law Firms to leverage capabilities such as co-authoring, sharing, and cloud storage for appropriate audiences that do not deal with Client Matter Data, such as staff, committee, practice group, and non-client matter data that typically fills your on-premises file shares or SharePoint document libraries. Utilizing Office 365 SharePoint and OneDrive policies with native DLP integration (blocking or alerting on client matter data being saved to Teams, for example), ethical walls, encryption, and/or retention for information governance adds a benefit that you may not be taking advantage of when storing unstructured data in native on-premises locations. This enables Teams to support threaded chats and persistent chat, modern meeting recording with real-time transcription and translation, and access to files from any location.

Stop data leakage

Empowerment is the focus of the second phase. At this point, companies can begin to take advantage of the advantages offered by cloud storage. This will be your very last migration if you have been using Office Apps, OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint Online. Congratulations! During this phase, law firms decide what aspects of their operations can be moved into the cloud and where client matter data should be stored. Document co-authoring, sharing, and collaboration are all made possible through the use of Teams, which is powered by OneDrive and SharePoint. You also have the option to integrate with your Document Management System and save Client Matter Data in the location of your choosing. Both of these options are at your disposal.

Data Loss Prevention is crucial to all companies. The responsibility of safeguarding the private information of their clients is an additional one for legal service providers. Hence, we provide you with the tools necessary to ensure that the data can only be used in the ways that you have authorized.

  • They include the following capabilities:
  • Inappropriate sharing
    Restricting access from insecure locations or countries
  • Printing, copying & forwarding
  • Enforcing multifactor authentication rules
  • Blocking access from insecure/unmanaged devices
  • Blocking access from accounts that have weak or exploited passwords
  • Blocking downloads/uploads to sites you don’t allow
  • Understanding insider risk that integrates with HR changes

Easier collaboration, integration, and automation

Federation with select partners, clients with external chat capabilities, and/or external guest access for real-time file collaboration and storage with clients in Teams are all part of the third and fourth phases of the project. You will have access to very effective data visualization tools that can be developed by anyone with no prior programming experience. As long as they have the appropriate permissions to access the data, your team will have no trouble rapidly developing detailed dashboards, reports, and insights.

In addition, you can begin to conceive of new methods of carrying out complex tasks by automating them in a code-free manner, making use of bots to have a conversation with your data, information, and internal tools. This will allow you to start thinking creatively about how to execute these chores. Such examples include historical firm litigation matters, knowledge management initiatives such as applying advanced artificial intelligence, and financial insights using time tracking. In order to advance at a more rapid rate than your rivals, you are going to establish a knowledge network within your company. This network will include data, people, and the expertise of those individuals.

How we can help

Aeonnova understands the importance of data privacy.

Law Firms have the additional burden of protecting Client Matter Data as a commitment to the customers that they serve. At Aeonnova, our mission is to empower every person and every organization achieve more while having a solution in place for data privacy and management.

The goal of Microsoft 365 Solution for Legal is to address the concerns over blind subpoenas while helping Law Firms realize their full potential using the most secure cloud service and leverage Microsoft Azure and cloud platforms in a way that is curated and configurable to meet those requirements.

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