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We are Aeonnova. A global Microsoft Solutions Integrator that assists its clients in leveraging technology for business success. We offer the right combination of ingenuity, dedication, and professionalism to help drive real business results. We are highly accredited and motivated by our clients’ success. Aeonnova, with its headquarters in Texas, is proud to hold multiple competencies in CRM, ERP, Cloud, Data analytics, AI, and Reporting solutions.

Microsoft Focused

We bring you best practice and business ideas to life with tools that helps your organization create, connect, and get more done from anywhere

We are 100% Microsoft Focused

While we integrate a wide variety of technologies for our clients, as a Microsoft Partner, Aeonnova remains exclusively focused on the Microsoft platform.
In fact, we are one of only a handful of partners capable of delivering comprehensive solutions for all Microsoft offerings and business applications.
We have established and continue to maintain a strong strategic relationship with Microsoft, which they recognize annually.
This provides us with unprecedented access to Microsoft’s resources and programs, and we are able to pass along the benefits to our clients.

End to End Management

We have internalized the digital mindset, methodologies, and tools and incorporate them into every engagement. Innovation, agility, best practices, and collaboration are ingrained in each and every project that we undertake.
Our expertise encompasses the strategic convergence of Microsoft platforms and technologies from start to finish:

Technologists at Heart

We’ve been guiding businesses all over the world in the direction of maximizing the short- and long-term value of their Microsoft technology investments through the delivery of outcome-driven results.
Expertly consulting, designing, deploying, and managing enterprise-wide solutions, our team delivers on all fronts.
In order to maintain competitiveness and profitability, we compel tremendous results through ERP, CRM, data-driven modernization, mobility, self-service, automation, and other cloud capabilities.

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