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Collaboration is the key to any business’s success.

Microsoft has spent a considerable amount of time developing innovative and appealing collaboration concepts. Consequently, by utilizing the ability to collaborate in a unique manner, one can grow together and forge strong bonds with others. Any application development requires the same level of collaboration. For instance, the development of an application necessitates the participation of multiple developers with varying expertise, experience, and strengths. Without the collaboration of the developers, the application cannot be developed properly. Frequently, we must rework things to avoid conflict. We must be aware of who is working on which component on the opposing side to ensure that work is not duplicated or undone.

Microsoft has already implemented the aforementioned features in a few apps, as shown below:

  1. Using built-in Microsoft Teams Chat, users can collaborate effectively. For additional information, please refer to our previous blog post.
  2. Users can collaborate using Power Automate Flow’s commenting feature; for more information, see our previous blog post.
  3. Nonetheless, you can always collaborate on the design of a model-driven power application by using the commenting feature. Refer to our prior blog post for additional context.
  4. The Co-presence notification feature provides real-time insight if multiple users are collaborating on the same form. Detailed information can be found in our previous blog post.

Similarly, the “Co-authoring (preview)” feature was recently introduced for model-driven applications. Microsoft is providing us with a new way to collaborate in which multiple makers can concurrently work on the same app from the Maker Portal.

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